The Hidden Messages in Movies

Welcome back folks.  I’m taking a break from oil painting at the moment and instead I’m here with a bit of an odd entertainment topic, specifically within the movie world.  In a similar vein to the ‘Did you know that in the scene where…?’ kind of trivia that accompanies film reviews by the superbly put together Internet Movie Database and the like, I thought I’d talk about something equally as trivial but a little more thought-provoking: hidden messages or meanings.  That’s right.  It’s actually a thing.  Whether or not you get these meanings or messages or identify with them in some way is an entirely different thing. 

It’s not too dissimilar from that silly pastime people had in the 90s, where they’d spend hours slowly turning playing records backwards analyzing and dissecting the audio, desperately looking for deep, hidden satanic messages or symbolic phrases they could in turn boast about, of which I remember one Madonna song being incredibly popular for.  This, fortunately happens to be a little different. 

Someone mentioned something to me recently about one of their favourite movies, which gave them reason to discover a hidden meaning that they were previously unaware of.   For them it served only to heighten their love for this particular film.  I can’t remember whom it was that I was talking to or what movie they were talking about, but they spoke with such excited revelation, such conviction, that I found myself incredibly entertained by it all.  It got me thinking of some of my own favourites, and naturally I got curious and started digging around online for some leads.

Iron Man 

I didn’t expect to be very successful if I’m honest, but I did find a few interesting examples that I’d love to share.  First up we’ve got Iron Man.  While Jeff Bridges got to show a darker side in this movie, the visual effects team apparently took it upon themselves to make very clear which of the actors they preferred.  When Pepper Potts is secretly tapping away on his computer looking for evidence, the documents show weapons shipped on a vessel named “Lebowski” – a wonderful cheeky acknowledgement to ‘The Dude’ in the Big Lebowski.  What’s more is that his character’s name is also contained in a barcode for all to see, and accurate quotes from the Big Lebowski is clearly visible and easy to read in the fine print.

Jurassic Park 

Then there’s Jurassic Park. In the story, before the scientists had learned the dangers of rearing dinosaurs firsthand, they agreed on a simple way control breeding, namely to grow only female dinosaurs.  During the group’s erratic touchdown on the island, Alan fumbles around struggling with his seatbelt. And why is that? He’s trying to connect two female ends together, and rather than reaching for another buckle or giving up completely, he quickly comes up with his own solution, just as mother nature would later in the movie. Alan, like life “found a way.”


If I was to tell you that Robocop provides a sort of re-enactment from the bible, you may think I was a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic.  But if I pressed on a little and reminded you that Murphy is basically a hero in a corrupt city, who is killed, resurrected, and finally emerges as a robotic savior, you may give it a little more consideration, especially if you consider the scene of Murphy walking on water later on in the film.


Terminator 2 

Still a classic for me and a movie I’ll never tire of watching: Terminator 2 : Judgement Day.  Way ahead of its time by today’s standards and a gripping experience from start to finish.  When this James Cameron film was first released in 1991 it was rounded off perfectly with the theme song “You Could Be Mine” by Guns N’ Roses, though it turns out that Cameron once admitted he never made the film with the band in mind.  However, if you consider the following obvious clues, it paints a slightly different picture: not only is John Connor’s best friend wearing an L.A. Guns t-shirt (one of the two bands that would eventually lead to Guns N’ Roses) but when Arnie finally arrives at the shopping mall to annihilate the T-1000, he reveals his gun hidden in a box of.. wait for it.. roses!  

Anyway, speaking of movies, while I was scouring the net for these hidden messages (some of them were just awful) I found a great site that offers incredible deals on used movies, along with hard drives and TV boxes pre-packed with hundreds of them.  Check out a few of the ones I’ve described and verify them, I swear I’m not pulling your leg!  The site is  Best of luck and enjoy.  Until next time..